Scholarly Articles

This page allows you to access all scholarly articles (by year of publication) published within the RSAA Journal (issues 2013 to 2019) and the Romanian American Journal for the Humanities (starting issue 2020-2021).

Al Sharafat, Ayman. “How Twitter Has Spiked the Black Lives Matter Movement.” (2021)

D’Anca, Christene. “Writing the Self in Search of Cultural Identity: Gelu Vlaşin, Marin Sorescu, and Don Quixote.” Issue 1:1 (2020)

Giukin, Lenuta. “Consciousness and Spirituality in the New Romanian Cinema.” Issue 1:1 (2019)

Giukin, Lenuta. “Introduction to Journal of European Studies. Romania 100: Nation, Identity, Global Challenge. L. Giukin, A. Gradea, guest editors. Vol. 48 (3-4), November 2018.” Issue 1:1 (2019)

Cordali, Gradea, Adriana. “The Exigency of a Communist Totalitarian Pedagogy in the United States.” Issue 1:1 (2019)

Stoenescu, Ștefan . “Considerații comparatiste privind două incitante creații ale poetului american W. S. Di Piero.” Issue 1:1 (2018)

Gradea, Adriana C. “Visualizing Transcendence as a Cross-Cultural Model.” Issue 1:1 (2018)

Guran, Letitia. “Post-Colonial Shadows on Post-Socialist Skies.” Issue 1:1 (2017)

Cornis-Pope, Marcel . “New Literary Hybrids in the Digital Age: Reflections on Two Recent Publication Projects that Explore Literature in Multimedia Contexts.” Issue 1:1 (2017)

D’Anca, Christene. “Distinct Aesthetics–Objects of Art as Political Markers.” Issue 1:1 (2017)

Beissinger, Margaret H. “Romani Performance and the Music of Celebration. Traditional Weddings in Pre- and Post-1990 Southern Romania.” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Ştefănescu, Bogdan . “Postcommunism / Postcolonialism: Siblings of Subalternity. (Extracts.)” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Babuts, Nicolae. “Folkloric Perceptions of the Bible.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Ilian, Ilinca . “Iarna lui Gunter (Juan Manuel Marcos) în traducere românească.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Iliescu Gheorghiu, Cătălina . “Narratives of Migration: the Image of Romanians in Spanish Contemporary Literature.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Giukin, Lenuta . “Identities in the New Romanian Cinema.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Marin, Noemi . “Universities as Discursive Geographies.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Parvulescu, Constantin . “Opening Titles and Authorship in Romanian Socialist Film.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Filimon, Monica . “Emotion, Diversion, and Memory in Videograms of a Revolution (1992)” Issue 1:1 (2014)

Parvulescu, Constantin . Ciprian Nitu. “Challenging Communities of Values: the Peripheral Cosmopolitanism of Marian Crișan’s MORGEN.” Issue 1:1 (2014).

Plamadeala, Ana-Maria . “Destinul intelectualilor basarabeni între refugiu şi exil.” Issue 1:1 (2013).