Scholarly Articles

This page allows you to access all scholarly articles (by year of publication) published within the RSAA Journal.

D’Anca, Christene. “Writing the Self in Search of Cultural Identity: Gelu Vlaşin, Marin Sorescu, and Don Quixote.” Issue 1:1 (2020)

Giukin, Lenuta. “Consciousness and Spirituality in the New Romanian Cinema.” Issue 1:1 (2019)

Giukin, Lenuta. “Introduction to Journal of European Studies. Romania 100: Nation, Identity, Global Challenge. L. Giukin, A. Gradea, guest editors. Vol. 48 (3-4), November 2018.” Issue 1:1 (2019)

Cordali, Gradea, Adriana. “The Exigency of a Communist Totalitarian Pedagogy in the United States.” Issue 1:1 (2019)

Stoenescu, Ștefan . “Considerații comparatiste privind două incitante creații ale poetului american W. S. Di Piero.” Issue 1:1 (2018)

Gradea, Adriana C. “Visualizing Transcendence as a Cross-Cultural Model.” Issue 1:1 (2018)

Guran, Letitia. “Post-Colonial Shadows on Post-Socialist Skies.” Issue 1:1 (2017)

Cornis-Pope, Marcel . “New Literary Hybrids in the Digital Age: Reflections on Two Recent Publication Projects that Explore Literature in Multimedia Contexts.” Issue 1:1 (2017)

D’Anca, Christene. “Distinct Aesthetics–Objects of Art as Political Markers.” Issue 1:1 (2017)

Beissinger, Margaret H. “Romani Performance and the Music of Celebration. Traditional Weddings in Pre- and Post-1990 Southern Romania.” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Ştefănescu, Bogdan . “Postcommunism / Postcolonialism: Siblings of Subalternity. (Extracts.)” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Babuts, Nicolae. “Folkloric Perceptions of the Bible.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Ilian, Ilinca . “Iarna lui Gunter (Juan Manuel Marcos) în traducere românească.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Iliescu Gheorghiu, Cătălina . “Narratives of Migration: the Image of Romanians in Spanish Contemporary Literature.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Giukin, Lenuta . “Identities in the New Romanian Cinema.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Marin, Noemi . “Universities as Discursive Geographies.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Parvulescu, Constantin . “Opening Titles and Authorship in Romanian Socialist Film.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Filimon, Monica . “Emotion, Diversion, and Memory in Videograms of a Revolution (1992)” Issue 1:1 (2014)

Parvulescu, Constantin . Ciprian Nitu. “Challenging Communities of Values: the Peripheral Cosmopolitanism of Marian Crișan’s MORGEN.” Issue 1:1 (2014).

Plamadeala, Ana-Maria . “Destinul intelectualilor basarabeni între refugiu şi exil.” Issue 1:1 (2013).